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It won't win you the war

The various pages in this section are what we call 'vaguely related' to VGA Planets. Reading them won't help you win games, it won't teach you any dirty tricks and it won't tell you anything you really need to know. But heck, who said everything on this site would be useful?

The VGA Planets Desktop Theme
The first ever VGAP theme, includes Winplan sounds and a background made by Kenneth Wisseman.

Ten reasons why Phost sucks
Instead of saying Host sucks and Phost is better, see why it is actually the other way around.

Steel Rat reviewed Phost back in the days of Host 3.15. So if you don't think Phost sucks, you might as wel read all the good things he has to say about it.

VGA Planets and Red Alert
Find out why these two games are, well, the same thing.

A review of VGA Planets 2.1
Taken from a PBEM online magazine, this review dates back to 1992.

VGA Planets
This review from 1995 by Conquest includes a nice short story about one of his games.

Fake Host Features
The best and most powerful special missions and friendly codes. Too bad they're fake.

A review of Winplan when it first came out: 3.5 beta 2.

Murphy's Laws for VGA Planets
The basic rule: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Planeteer's lament
It's the traditional Planeteer folk song

The Fall and Rise of the Colonial Empire
A great story of a war between the Colonies and the Lizards, by James "Undead" Rocks

The Cylon's demise
A report of a Federation study of a Cylon ship's log

Borg Fight Song
An assimilated band consisting of an indian, a cop, a construction worker and a sailor...........

Boeuf Borgignon: The Planet of the Steaks
The mighty Borg get outsmarted by a couple of cows

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