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Murphy's Laws For VGA Planets
by Matt Clouser

(A clever adaptation of Murphy’s Law’s … "If you’ve discovered the error then there are another four that you haven’t found!")


  • No offensive plan EVER survives contact with an opponent.
  • Attacking with a plan does not guarantee success, but attacking without one ensures defeat.
  • When you are short of everything except enemy starships, you are in combat.
  • The largest warship has the right of way.
  • Anything you do, including nothing, can get your ships fired at.
  • Your torpedo miss rate will be directly proportional to the criticality of the battle.
  • The reliability of your combat sims will be inversely proportional to the criticality of the battle.
  • The easiest route is ALWAYS mined.
  • An experienced player is predictable - the boards are chock-full of amateurs.
  • NEVER assume your opponent is smart enough not to attack.
  • When in doubt, MINE!
  • If your opponent is within attack range, so are you.
  • If your attack is going really well, it's an ambush.
  • The enemy diversion you are ignoring is the main attack.
  • Try to look inconspicuous - they may be low on fighters!
  • The Law of the Torpedo states the ship with fighters wins.
  • Remember: the lowest bidder made your torpedoes!



  • Alliances are important. It gives your opponents someone else to shoot at!
  • Friendly fire - isn't.
  • Your allies will miss their turn the day you'll most need their support.
  • If you can't remember, your ally's starbases are set to NUK.
  • An ally who appears to put your priorities over his own may not be as stupid as you think.
  • Alliances are made via subspace - rather fitting as both have about the same chances of actually existing.
  • Capturing or destroying allied starships that "accidentally" violate treaties are the best way to "remind" your ally you are paying attention.
  • Believing your opponents sub-space messages is almost as stupid as ignoring them.
  • When in doubt - lie.
  • When lying, stay as close to the truth as possible - it makes the details easier to remember!
  • Murphy plays VGA PLANETS!!!
This article was submitted by the Editor of the, now defunct, E-Zine Planeteer Resurrection.
Other articles, fiction & humour from the Planeteer Resurrection have been submitted to the "UK Atheist & Science E-Zine"



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