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On these pages you will find a number of articles dealing with general information on the game of all games. The information found here is not race-specific, and has a more informative (sometimes stretegical) rather than a tactical character.

Currently available:

VGA Planets helppages
Highly detailed helppages on VGA Planets, including the complete Host order of actions

Host configuration settings
A complete explanation of all the host settings, their defaults and what they do.

Friendly codes
The complete list plus descriptions of what the codes do.

Shareware VGA Planets
A complete overview of what does and what doesn't work if you don't purchase a registered version.

Glossary of VGA Planets terms
A nice and clear overview of VGA Planets lingo, by James "Undead" Rocks

Master at Arms
Jan "Sirius" Klingele's excellent paper on the impact of different weapons in VGA Planets

Using the right weapons
A relatively short article to aid you in outfitting your ships with the right weapons, based mainly on the extended information from the Master at Arms article.

List of undocumented Host features
Siberian Snake's list of all known quirks in the Host program. Know them and use them....

Infolist (v 3.22)
A totally updated version of Eden Tan's comprehensive list of facts and formulas.

Webmines: a study of snares
Richard McAteer's study on how to get out of webmines safe and fast

The theoritical probability of hitting a space mines
Alejandro M. Dobniewski explains the odss and gives some examples.

Ship Mass
Atomic Snarl's overview of the VGA Planets ships and what damage (web)mines do to them

A very comprehensive document containing frequently and less frequently asked questions - and the answers

Lost in minefields
Timo Kreike's paper on making hightech torpedoes cheaper

Crawling the shipqueue & 12 tips
An explanation how the shipqueue works and a dozen tips to beat the old versions of the queue, by Timo Kreike

Using Randmax and Randgen
An understandable and comprehensive explanation on using randmax and rangen, by Dirk Fischbach

The origin of the Privateers
Just so you background of those annoying pirates

The Difference Between Battlefield Honour and Honourable Play
As Ryan Kenny explains, honour is everything in the world of VGA Planets

How to Use Echoview
This is a quick overview on how to get the most out of Echoview.

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