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Winplan Enhancements
If it ain't broke, who says you can't fix it?

Although some people prefer the no-nonsense barebones interface of VPA, I like Winplan with it's whistles and bells. Nonetheless, I felt it could use some serious -aesthetic- improvements. Fortunately, practically everything that has anything to do with images or sounds can be altered. So far I have mainly focused on the graphics. So for your viewing and gaming pleasure, here are bitmap ehancements and a highly recommended enhancement to the Winplan VCR.

Replacement pictures
These pictures replace the ships, planets, starbase, fighters, message-pictures, natives and then some. Compared to the original pictures that came with Winplan, this is a great improvement. Not in the least because they are sized to fit fullscreen Winplan, at high resolution.

VCR enhancements
The ships as they are used in the actual VCR are stored in a dll-file in your Winplan directory. Replace that file and check out your visual combat reports again. Having a nicer picture of that Biocide you finally blew to kingdom come sweetens the victory even more.

VCR replacement
Stefan Reuther has made a beautiful VCR player that can nicely replace Winplan's VCR. Combine it with the enhanced pictures from my dll file and battles take on a whole new meaning.

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