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Now that all races for VGA Planets Version 4 are released, it's possible to totally update Winplan with a new generation of pictures. I've taken the ship pictures for V4 from Tim's site and converted them to be used in Winplan. What makes the pictures on these pages different from your usual replacement bitmaps is their size. The pictures on my pages are given the proper size for use with Winplan in full screen mode. Normally, Winplan just resizes the pictures it has, but since Winplan was never made to excel in resizing graphics, that tends to look horrible.

Ofcourse, there are some drawbacks to these larger pictures - after all, Winplan was never designed to use large pictures. I therefore strongly recommend you to at least read the drawbacks page before downloading anything. Also, FYI: All ship-pictures (and most others) are in JPG format. In BMP format, the packages would be about 1 MB per race. Now that I'm on cable here I don't really mind, but I don't imagine you'll want to download 11 megabytes just to replace your winplan ship-pictures when you're dialing in on your 56k-modem.

Unfortunately, Winplan only works with bitmaps so you'll have to convert the jpegs after downloading. This can be done quite easily with graphic programs like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop (open the files and then save them as bitmaps, PSP even has a batch conversion feature for this kind of thing). Another good choice is Irfan View, a freeware program which also features batch conversion.

For additional VGA Planets WinPlan Bitmaps and downloads check the FTP area.

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