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Race-specific Strategy Guides

The following race-guides are written by various authors who have been kind enough to allow me to post their work here. Although I am not the author of most of these guides, I have spent quite some time on their layout, ranging from some changes in colour and background to a complete conversion from plain text to HTML and sometimes some updates or corrections. So please do not copy any of these articles to put them on your own website without asking both the respective author and me first.

Currently available:

The Federation  
The Federation: a guide by Donovan
The Solar Federation by Conrad Lesnewski
The Imperial Federation by WarriorSol
Ed's guide to the Federation by Ed Robinson
The Federation player in VGA Planets by Mike Haslam
Feds by Rufus Aurand
Playing the Federation in VGA Planets by Arend Wellmann
The Lizards  
It ain't easy being green by Conrad Lesnewski
The Lizards guide to the Echo Cluster by Sean Kimball
The Birdmen  
A Bird in the hand is worth... by Conrad Lesnewski
The Birdmen guide to the galaxy by Timo Kreike & the council of twelve
The Birdmen chunnel by Timo Kreike
The Birdmen: not just sneaking around by Shaun "Noysh" Gilroy
DJ's Birdmen guide by DJ
Hawkeye's Guide to the Birdmen by Hawkeye
The Fascists  
Juniper's Guide to Klingons by George Morrow
The Fascists!! by Steel Rat
The Fascist fork by Timo Kreike
The Privateers  
Playing the Privateer, part I by Michael Lemieux (Steel Rat)
Privateer secrets, part II by Michael Lemieux (Steel Rat)
The Privateer treasury (v 1.5) collected and edited by Mark Wilmot
The Privateers by Benson Wong
Attacking with the Privateers by Jan "Sirius" Klingele
So, you wanna be a Privateer? by Mark Wilmot
The Cyborg  
Cutter's guide to the Cyborg by Cutter
The Borg by Derek J. Kalweit
Collective consciousness Autarch's guide to the Borg
I, Cyborg (part I) by WarriorSol
The Pickle's guide to the Borg by Micheal Evins
The Borg: Collective strategies by Shaun "Noysh" Gilroy
The Frycutus maneuver (&countertechnique) by Sharkman (countertechnique)
The Crystals  
Glittering Webs by Mike Maurer
Glistening Gems Autarch's guide to the Crystals
The Crystal Guide to the Echo Wide Web by Curieus, Leftie & Tweetybird
Tholian FAQ v. 2.1 by A. Grigat / Matthias Gietl
Crystals 101 by Bondservant
The Evil Empire  
Empire Tactics by Mag
The Empire Probe Gambit by Donald L. Worrell
Ruling through fear by Sharkman
The Imperial Star Fleet by Sharkman
Imperial logistics by Sharkman
The Robots  
Distinctive Diodes Autarch's guide to the Robots
The Cylon Imperium (Robots) by Supreme Dictator Nightbird
The Cylon Fleet Review by Sharkman
DJ's Robot's guide by DJ
The Rebels  
Memoirs of Rebel High Commander by Xarius
The Rebel's Handbook by Pavlos Chatzis
The Rebel Falcon: a galactic broom by Richard McAteer
The Rebellion Star Fleet by Sharkman
The Lost Colonies of Man  
Cain's guide to playing the Colonies by Ed Robinson
The Lost Colonies of Man by Plotz
A guide to playing the Colonies (shareware) by Sammy
A fight to the death: a Colonies guide by Lionel Cai
The Lost Colonies of Man by James "undead" Rocks
The Lost Colonies Fleet by Sharkman

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