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The Federation: a guide
by Donovan

Playing VGA Planets for over three years now, I've tried to incorporate all the information I found on the net and my experiences with playing the Feds and their enemies into a guide to playing the Federation. Over the course of time, the guide has grown and grown until it it was actually too long to normally read or maintain.

So about two years ago I decided to cut the guide up into different pieces, to make it easier to use. Since then it consists of the actual guide, which is complete but at some points a bit on the brief side, and some separate pages with detailed information on certain aspects of playing the Federation. This has resulted in separate pages on Federal alliances,  the enemies of the Federation and on running an economy - Federation style.

Since knowing your enemies is just as important as knowing yourself, I suggest you also have a look around at my website and the rest of the web.

Basic guide         Alliances         Enemies         Economy

This is version 20010722. The most recent version can always be found at Donovan's
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