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Name: UFO4VPA Author: Peter Ratschitzky
Type: Utility Website: Freeware: UFO 4 VPA

The purpose of UFO4VPA program is to enhance the abilities of the player client VPA. Well known disadvantages of VPA are: no UFO information, unreliable minefield information no 50+ target support with WinPlan RSTs. UFO4VPA can fix these problems and, additionally, gives even more information than WinPlan.

UFO4VPA analyses many binary files that are extracted from your RST. It then rewrites your message-files. You can read these new messages with WinPlan or VPA but the real purpose is to provide this information to the VPA message parser. VPA will then draw many new markers on the map screen.

UFO4VPA works with the regular Host, and does not support Host999 or Phost. It requires a registered version of Winplan to run. Just to name a couple of UFO4VPA's features:

  • writes a message for every UFO object which VPA can display on the map
  • writes additional messages for UFO waypoints
  • remembers and ages all minefields that are out of scan range
  • deletes unnecessary minefield scan messages
  • analyses mine explosion messages
  • writes ion storm messages that can't be seen in VPA ('true' ion storms)
  • writes special 'Ion Advisory' messages for alternative waypoints in heavy ion storms
  • rewrites third party add-on messages so that VPA can paint a marker on the map
  • analyses and remembers all scanned enemy/ally ships
  • analyses and remembers the VCR data concerning enemy ships
  • writes 'TARGETx.EXT' file and allows VPA to support more than 50 targets
  • analyses allied RSTs

UFO4VPA is a player-side utility, not to be confused with the hostside-addon UFO4DOS that is used to send UFO information to DOS Planets users.

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