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Name: UFO4DOS Author: Kevin 'Keeper' Foster
Type: Host Utility Website: N/A

This program is intended to fill the gap that exists between dos and windows players of VGA Planets.  For some time now, Winplan users have had a slight edge against Dosplan users because of Winplan's automatic updating of a player's own minefield information.  In addition to that, many add-ons now being released for VGA Planets are designed specifically for the Winplan user. At least a few of these add-ons even ignore the fact that many players still use the dos version of VGA Planets.

That's where UFO4DOS comes in.  As far as I know, the only reason that dos users cannot make use of these VGAP add-ons is that they do not use the version 3.5 RST file that Winplan uses.  This means that dos users are not sent the ufo data that is used by Winplan to plot the location of add-on objects on the map. UFO4DOS reads the VGAP ufo data, and sends messages to the players indicating where these objects are and any other information that would normally be sent to a Winplan user.  UFO4DOS also sends messages to players giving them up-to-date information of their own minefields.  UFO4DOS does *NOT* send any information that would not have been sent with a normal Winplan RST file.

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