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SendTRN Pro

Name: SendTRN Pro Author: Alan Warchuck
Type: Utility Website: The Last Domain (Offline) - Click Here To Download

Playing VGA Planets over the internet means sending the same message to the same e-mail address dozens of times, each time attaching a file wiht the same name. Dreadful work. Work you can make easier by creating a stationary or template in your e-mail client. Still, that is not ideal. What would be ideal is when clicking "make turn" in Winplan or running your maketurn batchfile would automatically send your turn to the host.

Well, "Ideal" now has a name - SendTRN Pro. This program adds to the functionality of WinPlan, DOSPlan or Batch Files. It adds a line to your batchfiles to call this program to send your turn. All you do is configure the program once for each game you play, and after that SendTRN handles sending your turn to the proper host with the proper subject line, gamenumber etcetera.

SendTRN Pro now comes with additional Autotroll functionality (you can use this program to re-request your RST and such without you having to figure out the correct subjectline, password etcetera) and an auto web update. If there are any special features added in the future, all you have to do is click on the 'Web Update' button of the program to auto check for an upgrade!

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