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Name: DOS Planets Author: Tim Wisseman
Type: Client Website: Shareware: VGA Planets Homepage 3.0 Shareware Page

Planets.exe, more commonly referred to as DOS Planets, is Tim Wisseman's original MS-DOS based client. In the modern days of flashy S-VGA Windows graphics it does look a bit outdated, but as far as MS DOS programs went at the time when this program was made, it's pretty cool. If you ever wondered why this great game is called "VGA" Planets, it's because of this client. In the 'old' (for some, even ancient) MS DOS / PBEM days this was the first game to offer any kind of VGA graphics. And yes, for you really youngsters out there who are now wondering "what the hell is this MS DOS he's babbling about?", once upon a time the mere existence of a graphical interface was considered top of the bill.

Sadly, I think the days of the ol' DOS Planets are behind us. Nowadays most people use some nineties version of Windows (even me, who once puked at everything even resembling a lame-ass, made-for-stupid-people clickable windows interface). The people who have been able to keep away from the dark side longer than me, or simply don't have the hardware to support Winplan, often prefer VPA over DOS Planets.

Is this to say you should not use or register this client-program? No. If you are a DOS-user and prefer some kind of graphical interface, this is the client for you. It takes some getting used to at first because in the various screens used to command your empire not all the buttons are nicely labelled, but once you've printed it in your head that F1 takes you to the ships, F2 to the planets, F3 to your bases and F4 calls up the starchart, you're in business. Also, if you want to play VGA Planets but prefer the VPA interface, this is the cheapest way to obtain a registered version of the game.

Being as old as it is, there are some drawbacks to this client. On it's own, it does not support the UFOs used by many addons (asteroids, jumpgates, subspace anomalies and the likes) and it does not allow you to plot precise hyperjumps. There is a simple program that hosts run to allow DOS-users the pleasures of seeing UFOs, and there are also some hyperjumping utilities out there.

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