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Any Fascist starship with beams can plunder a planet for money and supplies. A Fascist ship with it's mission set to "Pillage Planet" will pillage the planet it is orbiting after movement, if that planet is owned by anyone. The Fascist can pillage enemy planets, as well as allied or even their own planets if they desire to do so. The Fascist Pillage mission is not cumulative: a planet can only be pillage by one ship at a time. If multiple Fascist ships are set to pillage a planet only the one with the lowest ID will actually Pillage.

Effects on the planet
As a result of the pillaging, one megacredit is generated for every 100 native clans (10,000 natives) and one megacredit is generated for every 100 colonist clans (10,000 colonists). Additionally, 1 supply-unit is made for every 100 native clans and anoteher supply-unit for every 100 colonist clans. After this has been done, 20% of the natives plus an additional 120 clans are killed. Also 20% of the colonists plus an additional 20 clans are killed. Pillaging will also reduce the happiness of both colonists and natives by 10 points. This results in the following formulas:

  • Money added = VBRound [ (native clans + colonist clans) / 100 ]
  • Supplies added = VBRound [ (native clans + colonist clans) / 100 ]
  • Natives killed = RNDup( (native clans) * 0.2) + 120
  • Colonists killed = RNDup( (colonist clans) * 0.2) + 20
  • Native happiness change = -10
  • Colonist happiness change = -10

* VBRound rounds to the nearest integer, and if the decimal portion before rounding is exactly .5 it rounds to the nearest even integer.

The planetery population sends out a distress message to it's central command, informing them of the planet's troubled situation. The message includes the planet's ID number, a short version of the effects of the pillage mission, and the number of clans left after the pillaging. The Fascists automatically receive a copy of this message because they scan broad-range communications during pillaging. They just love to hear about the terror they've struck among their enemies.

The Fascist Empire
is plundering
Rio Linda
Planet ID# : 298
20% of the population has been
killed. Our money
has been beamed aboard.
Our supplies have been taken.
Colonists: 2461800

Rewards from pillaging
The money and supplies generated by the pillaging are first added to the planet's stocks. Then, starting with the Fascist ship in orbit with the lowest ID number (including cloaked ships and ships that have no fuel) the rewards of the pillage mission are beamed up the Fascist ships in orbit. First the Host program fills the ship's hold with supplies, or beams up all the supplies if there aren't enough to fill the hold. Then it starts selling supplies and beaming the cash from sales up to the ship. When it runs out of supplies to sell, host starts beaming up MCs. When the ship reaches 10,000 MCs or the planet runs out of cash, Host stops and moves on to the next ship and repeats the process of beaming up cash and supplies (although usually all supplies are already sold at this point the ship might gets some supplies if there was a LOT of money and supplies on the planet, because of the way the beam-up routines are coded).

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