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The Loki Class Destroyer (which can be built by the Feds and the Lizards) emits a Tachyon pulse that decloaks enemy cloaked ships in a range of 10 lightyears. The Loki emits it's Tachyon pulse automatically before and after movement (*), decloaking enemy ships which start or end their journey within 10 lightyears of a Loki. The first Tachyon Pulse is emitted shortly after the Host program processes cloaking orders, and will result in immediate decloaking of the cloaked ship. If decloaked by a Loki before movement, the cloaker does not burn any fuel for trying to cloak.

Federation, Lizard and Birdmen cloakers are immune to the Loki's Tachyon device. (Birdmen immunity is host-configurable)

Cloakers by any other race than the above three will be decloaked both before and after movement, even if the owner of the cloaker also owns the Loki which decloaks it. So if for instance a Privateer gets his hands on a Loki he will decloak his own ships which start or end their turn within 10 lightyears of his own Loki, but he still won't decloak any Fed, Lizard or Birdmen ships.

The Loki needs at least one kiloton of fuel onboard for the Tachyon device to work, the device itself does not burn any fuel. The Tachyon beams are emitted automatically, the owner of the Loki does not need to set a mission or friendly code to trigger it. The Loki will also decloak ships if it is built without weapons. The Loki's decloaking function will not work if the Loki is damaged 20% or worse. The Loki will not work if you have a shareware version of VGA Planets.

* Since host version 3.22.047, the Loki also decloaks ships after the auxbc.ini phase, meaning there are two moments after movement when the Loki decloaks ships. This was added because some addons include movement in the auxbc phase, which enabled people to move cloaked ships to or near a Loki without being decloaked.

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