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Being the foundation for any and all empires, the Economy is one of the most important yet underrated aspects of VGA Planets. Having enough resources and managing them correctly can make or break a successful campaigin in the Echo Cluster.

Currently available:

The care and feeding of planets
Conrad Lesnewski's guide on planetary management, starts with a very wise statement: "While much has been written on the military aspects of VGAP, the less glamorous endeavor of developing a thriving economy has received far less attention. This is unfortunate for, without a thriving economy, a player soon finds himself unable to produce ships for those exciting and inevitable conflicts in space."

Economics 101
As Lord Raptor puts it himself: "The purpose of this article is to acquaint Newbies with the basic building blocks of game play. As you gain experience, you will gain a better idea and instinct of how to use these basic building blocks in dealing with your opponents."

VGAP Economics
Steel Rat seems to prefer the term 'Logistics', as he explains: "Logistics is getting what you need, where you need it, when you need it. Keeping your logistics running is the most important thing you can do. One of my favorite quotes is "Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics!" Don't get me wrong, tactics are important. Proper tactics will win you many battles, but good logistics will win you the war."

The Federal Economy
Part of Donovan's guide to the Federation, this will tell you how to use the Federal economic potential to the max. Many tips apply to other races as well: "Be sure not to set your new bases up too close to your homeworld or eachother. I've seen people build a base on the planet next to their homeworld, and personally I'd never do that. Planets next to your homeworld should be used to supply your homeworld, and by setting up a base next to it you'll not only be dividing the resources over two bases."

Push your economy to the MAX!
Timo Kreike knows exactly how to get the best out of those lousy hot and cold planets: "there is that 31% of planets with a desert or arctic climate.... If one just could use those better than your enemy... If one could just optimise their planetary economy: I'll tell you it will improve your economy by at least 38%"

The joys of taxation
Magnum clearly explains the wonderful event that is taxation. "I have developed a tax plan with the help of some very distinguished players, and have worked a lot of the bugs out, to guide you in your quest for domination of your empire, and your enemies. The more money you have, the more powerful you are, hopefully."

Reverse Alchemy
"Every player of VGA Planets knows how to turn supplies into minerals - with the use of Merlin Class Alchemy ships, this is a simple task. But did you know, that there is also a way to convert minerals into supplies? And that you can achieve more supplies than you need to replace the minerals in the process?"

Managing your economy
Originally intended to be an article on the Imperial economy, Sharkman's advice in here holds true for all races. "In this article I will detail my ideas for getting the most out of your planets. You _CAN_ prevail, even if you think you were shafted even in the master stage of the game"

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