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Tanascius' Tool

Name: Tanascius' Tool Author: Tanascius
Type: Utility Website: Tanascius Depot

Tanascius' handy little utility can do several things, to help you conquer the entire Echo Cluster:

Planetary management: tax your natives and colonists, basing the the method on your planet's friendly code. The tool can build mines, factories and defenseposts and randomize your planetary friendly codes. It can also aid your ships in movement: use planetary gravity wells so your ships burn less fuel, and hide your ships' waypoints by making sure the distance of the waypoint is exactly the maximum distance. Another very useful feature is looking for common mistakes like trying to HYP without FC "HYP" or trying to clone with not enough minerals, tech ... and so on.

Next to management features, Tanascius' tool can also give you location prediction: based on the current location, speed and waypoint, this utility uses the host.exe 3.22.026 movement code to predict the ship's position next turn. Very nice if you want to end up at the same spot but wish to do so without using the intercept mission. Furthermore you can virtually construct any available ship, and put any kind of weaponry on it. The program will then show you exactly what such a ship would cost. This can aid you in two ways. First of all, it will tell you how much resources you have to gather, so you can see if you can build such a ship or not. Second of all, it tells you exactly how much resources your enemy has spent on that ship that is coming your way, which will make blowing that ship out of the sky even more fun!

Next to this, Tanascius' too also has the best possible battle simulator, using the host.exe battle routines. It allows 25 ships to fight eachother in up to 100 fights - in any battle-order you want them to fight in. Ships involved in multiple battles can start their battles based on the simulated worst-case-scenario damage level from previous battles. It uses the battle routine from host.exe 3.22.027, courtesy of Tim Wisseman and will instantly show you the possible outcomes of your upcoming battles. I has support for Engine Shieldbonus, the right-side bonus mass and can also include a planet/base into the battle.

And as if that's not enough, the tool has more features - I only mentioned the most important ones here.........

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