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Name: Shipsoul Author: Timo Kreike
Type:Utility Website: (none) Shipsoul docs      Download shareware

Shipsoul is a player-helper that can save you lots of time and mess with your enemies too: you can now simply name your ships with what you want them to do, and make sure your enemies see those ships with another name.

Shipsoul really helps you to keep track of your ships. It uses two sets of shipnames: one for yourself, and one for your opponents to see. You can now simply name your ships "colonise Erecka" or things like that. Right before making your turn, you run Shipsoul to store your own names and replace them by names from a textfile. This textfile can be anything: you can have a list of your favourite movies, insults, you name it. Imagine Shipsoul naming your ships into "BIOCIDE CLASS CARRIE" or "GOLEM CLASS BASESHIP". It will at least make your opponents look twice to discover it's in fact just a Nebula....

You can also have Shipsoul rename each of your ships every turn. The whole point is to confuse your enemies (an entire fleet coming their way, changing names each turn can be real funny) and to help you by using the names as notes. After unpacking your RST you run shipsoul again and your phoney names are replaced with your own names again.

With Shipsoul comes the countermeasure for it: the Shipsoul Targeter. This works in roughly the same way, but the other way around: you can now rename every enemy ship you see. Easy suggestions are the shiptypes ("Vengeance" now becomes "Instrumentality"), possibly where you saw those ships first or -if you've engaged them in battle and they survived- the weapons it has. ("Coming for you" now becomes "Mk4/X-ray MBR").
Throughout the game the targeter will look for those ships and whenever you see them you see it's "new" name, the name you gave it, instead of whatever your opponent has called it. So if he's using Shipsoul as well and is renaming his ships every turn you won't even notice it: the targeter gives them the name you want.

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