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When I started playing VGA Planets, one of the things that struck me most about it was the enormous amount of people devoting their time and effort to this game. Not only does the VGA Planets community consist of dedicated players who will fight until the bitter end, it can also pride itself on having numerous extraordinary people who have done -and are still doing- great things for this game. Next to Tim himself, who has developed a great game and is offering kick-ass support for it, there are a bunch of people VGA Planets just would not be the same without.

These are the people who are hosting games, have written addons for it, have made websites devoted to VGA Planets, the people who have made various player utilities and of course the ones who help the newer players find their way in the crazy universe that is VGA Planets. I figured it would be great to know a bit more about these people, where they come from, what made them decide to write their programs, websites etcetera. These people probably have some great stories to tell.

In the end of june, 2001 I started mailing a number of people of who you probably know the name or at least know their work. I knew some of them already, but some not at all. Much to my delight, everyone was happy to participate and willing to write a little something about himself - despite often very busy schedules. The plan is to upload a new story every two weeks, so that in the end this is going to be a great collection of stories and experiences. Expect some great stuff.....

Dave Killingsworth (08-07-2001)
Perhaps known better as one half of "Dan & Dave". Dave has been around for quite some years now. Known most widely for his famous addons, Dave has also had a substantial impact on VGA Planets itself. If you're glad you can set a friendly code so your large carrier will fight before your puny freighter - thank Dave.....

Don Friesen (22-07-2001)
You probably know Don as Robomaster - one of the first automated VGA Planets hosts, one with often lovely high amounts of minerals in his games and the first host that I know of to have implemented a ranking system for it's players. What many people do not know is that Don is responsible for the movement code in VGA Planets as it is today, so here's another guy to be thankful to.

Merlyn (10-08-2001)
The thriving force behind the VGA Planets webring, Merlyn (or as his parents like to call him: Alan Warchuck) has been a busy man in the VGA Planets community. And if it's up to him he'll continue being this busy. Running the webring, revamping the VGA Planets host webring, the site of the month award, Sendtrnpro, and of course the all-encompassing The Last Domain. And the best thing: the busier Merlyn is, the better off the VGA Planets community is.

Nikita (26-08-2001)
The story of Armin Trott, host at Spaceport Hamburg. If there's one man who has embraced addons in his game, it's Arming. Responsible for bringing you the most addon-crazy addons and even involved in developing and testing quite a few addons, Armin has certainly had his impact on VGA Planets.

Dan Gale (10-09-2001)
Being known not so much as an individual but as half of "Dan and Dave" is quite the compliment if you ask me, getting to know a bit about Dan after reading Dave's story is all the more fun though. Dan (as is Dave) is responsible for a whole plethora of addons, with Raceplus and Starbaseplus being the most famous of their products.

Neil Grigg (28-10-2001)
If you know NAVGAP, you know Neil. And who doesn't know NAVGAP? Having climbed through the ranks from player via helpdesk person to chief, Neil is now running one of the largest and best hosts on the internet.

Kate (22-06-2002)
You probably don't know who this Kate woman is or why she should write her story in this section. But ask any of the Veterans if they know some interesting people, and they'll name Kate. The sole fact that she's a female veteran player is more than enough reason to tell her story - not to mention it's the best story so far.

Stefan Glasauer (17-08-2003)
If you don't know the name, two words for you: Echo View. Stefan has been around since 1994 and have given us the absolute best utility there is - I would not know how to play without it.

Ed Robinson (18-08-2003)
Host of Battlestar Command Bridge and editor of the official VGA Planets newsletter, Ed is a busy fellow indeed. But busy as he is, when I confessed to him I had lost his previous submission to this session he wrote me a new one within a day. This to me once again proves what a great guy he is.

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