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PHCc is a program which enables your hostmaster to host as many games he want to host because PHCc is doing the work for him. If you are in interest to host your own games, feel free to visit me at my home page

For you as the player of a game running on a PHCc autohost, there are some special friendly codes you may use:


Two new friendly codes are introduced because your hostmaster is hosting his games with PHCc. They ARE case sensitive:

srX - send RST file to allied race X
gpX - give planet to race X
dab - detonate arkon bomb


The special friendly codes are case sensitive and can be enable or disabled by your hostmaster. See the special friendly codes section within your host game messages.


Here is an exact documentation of the new special frendly codes:

srX - send RST file to allied race X

The alliance RST interface (friendly code srX) allows a player to send his RST file to an alliance partner without intervention of the hostmaster or any other action as setting a simple friendly code.

Only requirement is that the race the RST should get has to be allied with the sending race (friendly code ffX) so if the ally breaks the treaty by setting eeX, RST sending will stop immediately also - even if the player is in holiday.


gpX - give Planet to race X

If you want to give your planet to race X, you may set the planets friendly code to gpX where X is the race you want your planet give to. This friendly code only works if no ships are orbiting the planet and the colonist tax is set to zero (to prevent you from birdmans super spy mission setting this code). If there is a starbase orbiting the planet, you can not give the planet away.


dab - detonate arkon bomb

A ship code. If set, the ship tries to drop and detonate an arkon bomb onto the orbiting planet surface. An arkon bomb kills all native life and 50 percent of the colonists. Because haevy radiation is emitted, the whole galaxy notices of the bomb detonation and all of your natives will become upset (half happyness points) To detonate the bomb the ship must be the only one in orbit and equiped with at least Mark 7 torpedo launcher. The ship earns 50% damage - if the ships damage was more than 50% before detonating the bomb, the ship is destroyed


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Copyright (c) 1999 Bernd Ruf All Rights Reserved
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Bernd Ruf

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