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Host (host.exe)

Name: Host Author: Tim Wisseman
Type: Hosting program Website:

Although most players won’t realize it, it is the host program that actually runs VGA Planets. Clients such as Winplan are used to give orders, but once the *.trn files are sent to the host, it is the host program he or she uses that runs the game. It is the host program that determines how battles are handled, if meteors come falling out of the sky, how much taxes are earned, how happy the natives are, etcetera etcetera.Host.exe is Tim Wisseman’s original hosting program, and is the official VGA Planets hosting program. It has undergone many updates and bug-fixes over the course of it’s existence, so that the current version at the time of writing this review is 3.22.026.

In all honesty, host.exe does not come as well-documented as some might expect, but due to it’s long history, hardcore fanbase and stability it is a rare question that nobody has an answer to. When looking for answers regarding host.exe-questions, I suggest you check the newsgroup, Siberian Snake’s list of undocumented features, and of course my own VGA Planets helppages or the newbie section.

Download the final version of host 3.22.47 (2003/08/07) here.

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