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Planets Command Center (PCC)

Name: Planets Command Center (PCC) Author:  Stefan Reuther
Type: Client Website: Planets Command Center Homepage

Planets Command Center (or PCC for short) is a complete front-end program for Planets. It started as a message-reading and starcharts-with-ion-storms tool in late 1995, and can now be used to play complete turns.PCC is freeware. It will maintain the shareware limitations of Planets if you don't have registered an original client program, and it will benefit of your registration if you have one.

PCC runs on any computer from a 386 onwards. It is a DOS program, but has been tested under Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, and in Linux's DOSEMU; and may even run on NT. For best comfort, use anything that has 66+ MHz and some Megs of RAM.


  • editable, zoomable starcharts;
  • mouse-driven user interface with hypertext help;
  • fast RST unpacker / Maketurn;
  • archives planet, minefield, starship and score information;
  • full support for alternate universes, explore map, Sphere, PHost;
  • built-in multi-ship battle simulator;
  • printing (requires additional package ccprint, see below);
  • information sharing via messages (compatible to Informer, Echoview and VPA);
  • built-in scripting language New: standalone interpreter (BETA);
  • Host999 and 10000 minefields support;
  • ... plus many other things not found in other current client programs!

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