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JVPC (Java VGA-Planets Client)

Name: JVPC Author: Kero van Gelder & Rutger
Type: Client Website: The JVPC Homepage

JVPC offers features that are completely new into the world of VGA-Planets. Always accompanying is VPCheck, which can perform Checks and Actions.

  • JVPC is beta software: only run it on a copy of your VGA-Planets data.
  • JVPC accepts VGA-Planets 3.x (DosPlan) data only, (no WinPlan and no VGAP 1.x, 2.x or 4.x)
  • JVPC is aimed at PHost games (reads pconfig.src, mission.ini and hullfunc.dat, we have no intention whatsoever to play in TimHost games, so we are not working on e.g. parsing messages)
  • Shareware version recognized, but not dealt with, Registration key also read from TRN (as well as FIZZ.BIN)

All source is released under the GNU GPL or GNU LGPL! Find out which license applies when.

At the moment (august, 2001) everything a basic client requires is implemented (though transfer to enemy ship is not implemented). There are some features that other clients don't have!

PLANETS.EXE and MAKETURN.EXE can handle data written by JVPC (well, most of the time... Changing and saving again with JVPC sometimes helps.) The internal consistency checker prevents a lot of trouble.

If you play VGA Planets (Host or Phost) desperately looking for a client that will run on LINUX or other non-Microsoft platforms, check out the JVC which is also in the making

Startup screen. You can Save, do something with other utilities and Load again. A map is started automatically. This one is zoomed in a bit already, running on PocketPC 2003. The same map. Note the finer grid (10 LY instead of 100 LY). Also, by clicking the (W)aypoin(t) button, you can now tick to select an object or drag to select a point in outer space and finally set the waypoint by clicking (W)aypoin(t) again. Here you can see minescan coverage, again of the same map.
All information about a ship. All information of a planet, on PocketPC Information of ships, and capability to build ships; when required, tech levels are upgraded (and lowered) automatically; similarly ship-parts are bought (and sold) when (de)selected. Buy torpedoes.
Cargo is a bit skewed (yet readable!) on a small screen :) You can read incoming messages... ...and write outoing messages, though it's a bit tiny. Score doesn't quite fit, right now.


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