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Name: Zeus Author: Harry Bur
Type: Addon Website: Rebel HQ

The Zeus add-on contains several elements increasing the richness of the game and giving the players more opportunities. The first idea for this addon was to develop a Sphere-Pwrap add-on that includes minefields and decloak features while traveling over the edges of a map. Subsequently, the functionality of explore and a chance for defense posts to hide a planet from the eyes of the exploring neighbours were added. Then, by request of many beta testers the add-on was extended with additional features (banks, stargates and mass transports).

Each of the elements of this addon can be disabled or enabled at the beginning of a game, leaving the host total control over the components he wants to make accessible for the participants of the game.

***Note*** Harry's site is no longer online, however you can still obtain it and register it through the new link above.

Updated Oct 2008.

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