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UNITY basic hint file


  • The possibility to change mineral density should help to solve mineral problems. Use this on your homeworld early in the game. On worlds which are likely to be lost to an enemy it can be used to spoil some additional supplies and change the density to a worse rate (likely if it is above 80%).
  • The terraform should encourage other races to trade with the federation or forge alliance, because the federation heats/cools twice as fast as they do with hightech science ships.


  • Remote laying minefields can give the option to attack valuable freighter routes, or give you the possibilty to sweep (if mines destroy mines is turned on) an area clean of mines and simultanously advance.
  • The reptile is now your choice of an escort ship for both freighters and lcc´s.


  • A valiant wind class cloaking can have a minesweep mission, intercept or anything else. It can also be used for a fast, sneaky assault on your enemies early in the game.
  • The sabotage is especially useful against good defended planets later in the game when white falcons have no chance to deal damage to planets. Very useful against the cyborgs. Multiple ships can sabotage a planet in the same turn.


  • Minerals can be mined very fast if you encounter planets with lots of minerals in ground, this speeds up high quality ship building.
  • Valiant wind class ships bring cheap fighters, especially valuable if you have lots of moly because you need this mostly for the basic hull.


  • It is necessary to play very carefully, but then you can also plan assaults on the formerly nightmarish enemies "fed", "gorn" and "fascist". If several d19b´s defend a planet against your cloakers, just bring in several br4´s.


  • The advanced hyperjump is exact, so you have more options in the early game phase in which clusters you want to settle down. In the later game you can use this jump for money transfers for example. If you get your hands on a falcon, use it with AHP, too!
  • Disassemble is extremly powerful, but needs a lot of planning, though. For example, your ships can only beam down clans to a planet and make later supplies from assimilated natives. You can even try to "stabilize" native planets if you find a stable DAX/assimilation rate.


  • You have one more reason to heat your planets: to get the happiness advantage. Also your homeworlds profits from this from start on.
  • Making free torpedos by simply flying should encourage you to take some sky garnets, set a long waypoint and make a trip along your border line with the mission "lay web mines". Also good escort ships if you attack an enemy.


  • Your gorbie does not waste a single fighter against planets, which is a nice addition to the ssd which does not waste anything against starbases.
  • The hyperjump is very useful for gathering informations far beyond your borderline.


  • Exploding minefields can cripple an entire fleet, but needs careful planning.
  • The fighter transfer restocks your invading fleet with fighters very fast and gives all your qtankers a good reason for their existance.


  • The growth on arctic planets is now even better than on normal planets!
  • The super alchemy ship "armored transport" is your choice if you cannot build anything else.
  • Finally, the advanced hyperjump gives you a good weapon for rebel ground assaulting planets far away.


  • If you find an enemy fast, make his humanoid planets senseless. Later in the game, offer this to your allies to spoil enemies humanoid planets.
  • The fighter transfer restocks your invading fleet with fighters very fast and gives a scorpius a good reason for his existance. The range is even better than the range of the robot fighter transfer.


  • bdX allows you faster colonisation if you explore no native planets.
  • Merlin now has better performance.
  • New natives later in the game optimize existing bases!
  • Care for your natives to gain native gifts (also amorphous give them).
  • Build strongholds on amorphous worlds which defend them without your attention. for native gifts (also amorphous give them).
  • Build strongholds on amorphous worlds which defend them without your attention.

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