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Name: Tachyon Author: Dan & Dave
Type: Addon Website: Solar Flare Games

Jumpgate is another classic Dan & Dave add-on, offering players the ability to build and incorporate Tachyon Pulse Generators (using the decloaking technique in Loki Class Destroyers) into 2 of their ships. At the cost of burning fuel, the Tachyon device on the ship will fire a pulse of Tachyon energy into space. This pulse will uncloak any ships that are cloaked with in its pulse radius.

When a Tachyon pulse is fired it will decloak all vessels in the pulse radius area. The uncloaking will cause their mission to be reset to Exploration. This is caused by the electrical disruption cased by the Tachyon pulse. This decloak will last until the other player resets their mission. So effectively, an enemy vessel will be uncloaked for the whole processing of the host (turn).

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