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Name: Jumpgate Author: Dan & Dave
Type: Addon Website: Solar Flare Games

Jumpgate is another classic Dan & Dave add-on, providing players with the capability to Build, Attack, and Repair Jumpgates as well as using them as a form of travel allowing for travel over a very long distance for zero (!) fuel. There are some strategic points to consider though when using jumpgates, so be sure to know what you're doing when constructing a nice jumpgate in the middle of your empire - travel to a jumpgate is not restricted to your own ships...

With the convenience of controlled hyperspace travel comes risk. Each time a ship travels via Jumpgate, there is a small chance that an alien ship will exit the destination Jumpgate with the traveler. The aliens are a warrior race, intent on conquering all that they see. They will conquer the entire Echo Cluster unless stopped.

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