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Name: Fortress Host (FHost) Author: Michael Raith
Type: Addon Website:

Imagine the ‘Battle of Midway' in space! That is the essence of FHOST. FHOST is not replacement to Tim's host, but an add-on to VGAP providing a whole new spin on game play. Believe me when I tell you that if you play a FHOST game with the mind set of a standard VGAP game you may well lose.

In the ‘Battle of Midway', carriers never were within range to see each other. The entire battle was fought by the various fighter/bomber/torpedo wings of the opposing fleets. Using FHOST your ships to do not have to be at the same point in space. Carriers can launch attack wings from 120 light years out. They can attack other ships, planets, starbases or jumpgates. You can deploy a CAP (Combat Air Patrols) over your fleets to guard against reprisals or sneak attacks. Your torpedo ships have the capability of launching long range cruise missiles to harass enemies at a distance. There is also technology in the game so devastating that 1 missile hitting the sun will cause the entire planet to burn up and explode making that planet unusable for the remainder of the game. Its nickname is ‘The Sunbuster'. It is hard to obtain, expensive to build and is without a doubt, an ARMAGEDDON weapon.

As you know by now, some races in VGAP have great carriers and while others have less than desirable ones. We all know that. FHost is the great equalizer in that respect. A Valiant Wind can now at least stand a chance against the big carriers. Small carriers like the Red Winds can work in teams to defeat larger enemies. This add-on doesn’t take anything away from what you can do presently. It is a true addition of features and strategy to an already brilliant game .

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