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There are several Addons available for VGA Planets, offering players new possibilities as well as adding both diversity and difficulty to the game.

Addons often involve the use of special friendly codes and any action that ships, planets or starbases undertake as a result of the addons is executed in either the auxhost1.ini, auxbc.ini or auxhost2.ini phase of the hostrun. Addons often include objects that move to or are positioned in deep space, displayed as UFOs.

Each addons comes with it's own documentation, which often states very clearly which particular action is executed in which phase of the hostrun. Adding all actions of all available addons is way beyond the scope of these pages, so if you have any questions concerning addons in your game I suggest you contact either your host and/or the maker of the addon.

UFO objects
Many addons use UFO objects to display objects added to the universe. Deep space missiles, asteroids, wormholes, obelisks, jumpgates and anomalies are some examples. Each of these UFOs represents different objects, with different functions and characteristics. Winplan users get these UFOs displayed directly on the starchart. If you use the DOS version of VGA Planets or VPA, the host needs to run a program like UFO4DOS or UFO4VPA. This program will generate messages concerning UFO positions, so you'll know where they are.

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